Phone or Fax: 570.368.1055
Hours 9 a.m. -5 p.m.

If I am unable to answer, please leave a message with your name, telephone number, and the best time to reach you.

Email: Please use the Contact Form to contact me via email. In general, this is my preference.

US Mail:

Please provide the name and item number of the nodder you are interested in purchasing. Or if you have any questions, I will gladly discuss them with you.

Depending on the season and how many initial orders I have to fill, additional orders may take at least 8-12 weeks or longer. I will work with you the best that I can.

Payment may be made by check, money order, Visa or Master Card. For "secure" payment of your credit card, please call me with this information. There is a $35 returned check fee.

Usually shipping is by UPS Ground. Customer pays shipping cost, however, insurance is included with your order. PA residents, please add 6% sales tax. All orders must be paid prior to shipping.

If your merchandise arrives damaged, please immediately contact UPS.

Please keep in mind that each nodder is hand created individually. I cannot exactly reproduce the original, but sometimes, even I have to look twice to be sure! Sizes will vary somewhat.

Vintage toys, trims, and accents that are used to fill Santa's sacks or sleighs are available in limited quantities only. However, if possible, I do make reproductions of the originals. Otherwise, something just as suitable or better will be used. I am always searching for those little "goodies" that make each design unique. This is a really fun part for me!

All my work is totally guaranteed. I want you to be entirely happy with your purchase. Be assured that if your nodder should become damaged, i.e., your dog chews off an arm or it is dropped on its head, I can repair it to its original condition... but fire and/or flood is stretching it!

If you are so inclined, dusting with a soft brush is all the care that your nodder requires. I have never much worried about it, but it would probably be wise to keep it away from constant heat or moisture. Other than that... just enjoy! My nodders are for the "grown up" child at heart!