Nodders radiate dignified, whimsical, and comical personalities. I fell in love with them the moment I saw my first and have been hooked ever since! I now have a cupboard full of very old, some German made, papier-mache and composite nodders. Much of the inspiration for my work is drawn from my collection of these antique toys. Each one evokes a strong emotion in me, whether it is a certain way they hold their head, a twinkle in their eyes, or the way their fur has been "loved off" in spots. They greatly influence the look of my work.

In the tradition of this fine old German art, each nodder in my collection is sculpted in homemade papier-mache, carefully hand painted, and meticulously balanced to produce just the right movement. Whenever possible, I use vintage trims and accents to help create the time-worn and well-loved look of these early toys. Each piece is signed, dated, and created in a limited edition of twenty five pieces or less.